Please note that I usually proofread and edit German texts only.

proofreading, I check and revise texts with respect to:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Consistent notation
  • Linguistic correctness (e.g. word usage, collocations, metaphors, similes, idioms)

Student research projects I check by proofreading only.

Editing includes all proofreading services. Additionally, I pay attention to:

  • Phrasing and good readability (e.g. sentence length, repeated words, phrasing as such and with respect to text type)
  • Comprehensibility and contextual logic (coherence, conclusiveness)
  • Error-free translation

Editing will alter your text more profoundly. These changes are therefore to be regarded as suggestions, because you will always be the author. When editing, I place great value on the phrasing and good readability of the text. Furthermore, I check whether the reader will be able to follow the text or story without effort, and I pay attention to logical errors. When revising a translation, I search for possible translation errors and add the finishing touches to the text, if necessary, so that it reads well and does not sound like a translation.

File formats
I suggest corrections in
Word (Microsoft Office) or, if requested, in Writer (LibreOffice) by using the Track Changes and Comments features.
You can view the corrections one by one and then decide whether you want to accept or reject a suggestion. When you are through, you finally delete all comments from the document.

PDF files I work with the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Comments tool. It marks mistakes in the text, and the suggested changes appear in corresponding comments.
You cannot directly accept changes (as in Word or Writer), but have to insert them yourself. This results in additional effort and furthermore, there is the risk of missing corrections when typing them in.