Each text is different. Please don’t hesitate to contact me – I will be happy to provide you with a custom quote.

In order to do this, I will need the complete
text to be translated or proofread for inspection so that I can roughly determine the line, word, or page count and assess the amount of work required. Usually you will send me the text in a Word file by e-mail.

To provide you with a quote for a
certified translation, please e-mail me a scan of the document to be translated.
Please find detailed information on the
order process for certified translations here.

Any personal data and documents transferred to me in order to provide you with a quote or translation will of course be treated with full
confidentiality and not be forwarded to any third parties. You are welcome to send me encrypted e-mails. For information on encryption, please consult my Contact page.


Prices for
translations are generally based on standard lines. One standard line consists of 55 characters (incl. spaces). The price per line can vary, depending on the difficulty of the text to be translated and the amount of work required.
Film translations and audio descriptions are in most cases remunerated per film minute.

Certified translations I calculate per word. There are additional fees for the layout work and certification per document page.

Prices for
proofreading and editing services are based on standard pages. One standard page consists of 1,500 characters (incl. spaces).

Since I'm a small business owner, I
do not charge VAT according to Sec. 19 par. 1 German VAT Act (UStG).


When writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, there usually is very little time left before the deadline. I'm therefore happy to start proofreading finished parts of text while you are working on more pages.

Students are offered a
20 % discount on the total price for proofreading services.